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What Is Coming Soon?

We help home buyers find homes first! is an innovative website where home buyers (including first time home buyers) can find homes that are not on the market, but will be within the next few weeks.

Start your home search now!

How Can ComingSoonHouse Help?

We educate home buyers!

According to a recent Plute Group survey of Millennial Home Buyers (mostly first time buyers), over 49% of millennials are planning to purchase a home within the next 2 years! The more affordable the home, the faster it sells. With that kind of competition, you need to find your dream home before someone else does.

What Does Coming Soon Do For You?

We provide free buyer tools to make your search easier!

When you use, you unlock exclusive access tophotos, virtual tours, and additional details as well as being able to schedule home tours direct with the agent.

What Benefits Me By Using ComingSoonHouse?

Save time, create opportunity, stay informed, and increase your negotiation power with Coming Soon.

Create Opportunity, preview homes before they’re officially for sale by pre-booking property tours even before the home becomes available for purchase. You will have the opportunity to bid on the listing you really want instead of being disappointed you were days, weeks, or months too late.

Save Time by only physically visiting and touring properties you know you’re interested in.